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Phenzacaine is a research chemical that has a main ingredient of 3-FPM. 3-FPM is short for 3-Fluorophenmetrazine. 3-FPM is a stimulant which is known to increase the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine during research experiments. 3-FPM was first synthesized in the year 2011. Although Phenzacaine is very new on the research chemical market, researchers have noticed that it produces strong findings of euphoria, stimulation, enhanced focus, thought acceleration, and increased general motivation. Findings can be observed for up to 8 hours after a research experiment begins.

Where to Buy Phenzacaine?

Our chemicals shop is one of the top Phenzacaine vendors online. We sell Phenzacaine in powder form. However, other forms, such as crystals, are frequently available as well. So, feel free to contact us to see if we have another form available if you prefer different forms of Phenzacaine. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase Phenzacaine from us. Our Phenzacaine is intended for research purposes only and is not designed for human use.

Phenzacaine Legality

Phenzacaine is unscheduled in most countries. However, 3-FPM, the active ingredient in Phenzacaine is illegal in Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States (due to it being an analogue of phenmetrazine).

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