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What Is S4 Andarine? Part of the selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) family, S4 Andarine was once considered the most desirable SARM to get your hands on it.


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Part of the selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) family, S4 Andarine was once considered the most desirable SARM to get your hands on due to it’s high oral bioavailability as opposed to intravenous. It is also said to have a significant impact on a participant’s ability to build both muscle and bone density. Future research into the SARM has brought up potential concerns regarding the safety of this particular research chemical, therefore we suggest placing prior precautions before experimentation with S4 Andarine takes place.

It is important to note that S4 Andarine is not recommended for human consumption, adequate measures should be taken when experimental research takes place.

S4 Andarine Chemical Properties

Chemical Formula: C19H18F3N3O6

Molar Mass: 441.4 g/mol

Little has been shared in public regarding the chemical properties of Andarine (S4). Androgens are hormones that bind with high affinity and specificity to androgen receptors (research chemicals such S4). Research has been done over the past two decades in this particular area to develop efficient ARs. One of main causes for the research was due to the chemical effect that takes place allowing for an anabolic positive impact on muscle and bones without undesirable side effects often associated with exogenous androgen administration. The results of this research has brought to light SARMS such as Andarine and Ostarine.

S4 Andarine Usage

Although little research has been done on S4 Andarine, there does seem to be some consistency regarding the effects of the research chemical on experimental research participants.

The following are some potential effects of S4 Andarine, due to the lack of research that has been done on S4 Andarine this is far from an exhaustive list:

  • Increased muscle retention
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased ability to physically exert force
  • Fat loss activation

What Are The Potential Side-Effects of S4 Andarine?

It is important to take caution when experimenting with S4 Andarine due to the lack of research that has been shared on the chemical and its effect on humans.

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of the potential side-effects of S4 Andarine but will give an idea of the potential side-effects that may be experienced when research is conducted with the chemical.

Some of the known side-effects of S4 Andarine include:

  •   Vision: the use of S4 Andarine can have an effect on your vision. This may cause blurred vision and/or colours to merge into each other.
  •   Headache: participants have been reported to have been shown to have problems with headaches when coming off S4 Andarine.
  •   Nausea: an increased chance of nausea is commonly experienced by participants coming off S4 Andarine.
  •   Fatigue: although fatigue isn’t a common side-effect while on S4 Andarine it is often experienced in-between cycles.

S4 Andarine Tolerance

For the best results when using S4 Andarine it is suggested that the participant cycles the usage of the SARM to allow for optimal results. Consistent usage of S4 Andarine with no breaks will intensify the side-effects and may cause more serious side-effects.


S4 Andarine is legal to purchase. However, it is illegal to be used in professional sports.

Where To Buy S4 Andarine?

Here, we offer high-quality S4 Andarine. All our chemicals are third party tested. We do not sell any chemical for human consumption. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase from Aussie Chems Supply.

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